Helicopter Rotor Painting

Aero Pro’s Helicopter Rotor Head, soda blast and paint programs without tear down consists of the following:

  1. Proprietary custom precision insert and scaling equipment are engineered and built to protect bearings and seals from high pressure soda blasting.
  2. Aero Pro strip and redcoat programs eliminates the need for bearing and seal removal thereby not requiring component measuring.
  3. Oil components are soda blasted on the original surfaces and renovated with approved and certified procedures. Many color and color schemes are available to the customer.

Aero Pro Helicopter blade stripping and repaint program:

Aero Pro has developed proprietary mechanical rotating system which attaches to the blade ends. The blades are rotated during the paint procedure. The result is a seamless coating with consistent millages.

Blade sets are weighed when cured and when completed to guarantee specification compliance.