Helicopter Rotor Painting

AeroPro’s helicopter rotor soda blasting and paint programs do not require tear down. Our method is as follows:

Helicopter Rotor Soda Blasting

AeroPro’s proprietary, custom-precision insert and scaling equipment is engineered to protect bearing and seals from high pressure soda blasting. Since our strip and redcoat programs eliminate the need for bearing and seal removal, component measuring is not required.

The oil components are soda blasted on the original surfaces and renovated using approved and certified procedures. There are a multitude of color options and paint schemes available.

Helicopter Blade Painting

AeroPro has developed a proprietary mechanical rotating system used specifically for helicopter blade painting. The system attaches to the blade ends and safely rotates them during the paint procedure. The result is a seamless coating with consistent millage.

Once the paint has cured, the blade sets are weighed to guarantee specification compliance.